Hi, it’s me Tanya!

  Welcome to TanyaDPhoto,

Writing bio pages are not my favorite thing in the world. But taking photos of your families and friends is.

My style is a relaxed one. I know the whole process of getting ready and doing a photo session can be overwhelming.

I can help you with tips and guidances.

I can often be silly and maybe a little loud. But, getting the shot that you will love is important.

So, maybe some rolling around, jumping in the air…crazy laughs might be in order.

Maybe the people in your tribe are a little shy, its ok…we can work with it.

Here are some fun Q&A’s for you to get to know me.

Mac or Pc: Mac, for at least 10 years.

Favorite season: oh my goodness, for sure the fall. Those colors are simply breathtaking.

Favorite Netflix Addiction: well now, there’s a few… House of Cards, Wentworth

Favorite Photos to Capture:Laughing kids.

What I use Pinterest for: any recipe that makes my tribe happy. Usually, anything with BACON!

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